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金沙国际华人娱乐:Ping An UOB Securities won "Best Progress Award" in the 2017 inter-bank local currency market

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内容摘要:NationalBanksInter-bank Lending Center released the results of the 2017 inter-bank domestic currency market evaluation.Ping An UOB FundWith ...

National Banks Inter-bank Lending Center released the results of the 2017 inter-bank domestic currency market evaluation. Ping An UOB Fund With the rapid growth of market trading volume and excellent trading performance, Good progress award. "

The evaluation of the local currency market of this inter-bank is evaluated comprehensively by the National Inter-bank Borrowing Center based on the trading results of banks, securities and funds in 2017, the credit of the trade and its contribution to the market construction, and selected " Award "of the 11 categories of agency awards.

According to statistics, the total amount of inter-bank repo transactions of Ping An UOB Fund in 2017 was approximately 640 billion yuan, 18 times of that in 2016 with about 8,000 transactions and 8 times of 2016 levels. The transaction volume of cash securities was about 100 billion , Three times that of 2016 and about 2,300 transactions, 2.5 times of 2016 levels. In addition, the transaction volume of first-tier certificates of deposit and the number of transactions also doubled over 2016 respectively.

In the year of, Ping An UOB Fund successfully applied for X-repo, X-bond rights and interest rates Interchangeable eligibility criteria, through the promotion of account funds and cash Coupon liquidity, reduce inquiry costs, in order to obtain better transaction prices for investors to earn higher returns; the same time, Ping An UOB Fund Security Technology to achieve the local currency system downlink interface, and actively seek foreign exchange applications Center's full data interface, and continuously improve the efficiency of inter-bank bond transactions. From now on, Ping An UOB Fund will continue its commitment to provide investors with more efficient and better trading services through multiple measures.





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